MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally  is an umbrella brand created by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency to showcase the range of Portuguese products and services from strategic e innovative industries in the international marketplace.

“The United States is one of Portugal’s main clients, valuing such attributes as sustainability, innovation, quality, and authenticity. Values that differentiate and promote the confidence of this market in Portuguese products, which are, naturally, ‘premium’ and customized, designed to satisfy demanding customers.”

Luís Castro Henriques
AICEP chairman

With almost nine centuries of history, Portugal is an innovative, sophisticated, and forward-looking country in which sustainability is a priority. Portuguese industries are committed to innovation and technology, following new trends and providing a varied, high performing, sophisticated and well-designed range. And always with a deep respect for the environment and the future.


Portugal is the 3rd largest olive oil exporter globally and the 3rd largest exporter in Europe, with exports to over 107 international markets. Portugal is also the 24th largest global exporter of fresh vegetables and the 8th largest exporter in Europe, with exports to over 81 international markets.

The Portuguese Food & Beverage sector exported more than 6.2 billion euros and production increased by over 4.9%. Portugal’s vision and strategic mission for this sector are to consistently deliver the highest quality, uniqueness, and fantastic flavor.

Portugal is the world’s 31st fastest-growing tech ecosystem, according to the Global Innovation Index 2020.

Portugal also records good performances in other areas that contribute to the innovation process, such as spending on computer software (8th place), registered trademarks by origin (13th place) ), online public services (17th), or the environment for doing business (18th).

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most innovative tech hub ecosystems. Over the past few years, Lisbon has emerged as a hub of entrepreneurial innovation and technology – large and small tech companies are setting up offices and innovative startups are popping up all over the tech talent swarms in the city.

Portugal is the 11th largest home textile exporter in the world reaching over 77 international markets and collaborating with high-end brands and designers.

The textile industry is one of the most prioritized and vital sectors for the Portuguese economy, with over 5.000 companies working in all sub-sectors of the textile industry. 

Outstanding designs, flexibility, broad customization and high-quality standards are the key competitive factors that distinguish Portuguese Brands worldwide. Discover all the selected brands MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally

The Portuguese clothing industry is the 19th largest exporter globally and a quality reference for haute couture and high-end brands.

Portuguese clothing brands have already conquered over 191 international markets, and the U.S. is a strategic market for the future of this industry in Portugal. The U.S. is the destination of 27% of Portuguese exports and is the 7th largest market of Portuguese clothing production.

Internationally renowned in the footwear market for its stunning quality and unique designs, Portugal is the 13th largest exporter globally, exporting to over 172 destinations. 

The U.S. is the 7th largest market for Portuguese footwear, being also the market where Portuguese footwear has grown the most in recent years.

Portugal exports more than 40% of its production, being the 9th most awarded wine producer region in the world.

From the cool northern coast to the warmer southern interior, Portugal offers wines with distinct personalities, as diverse as the landscapes they hail from – Red, White, Rosé and Verde.

The result: a rich kaleidoscope of unique flavours, textures and aromas.

Engage your senses with the meaningful design of Portuguese home decor brands.

With the rise of conscious consumerism comes the desire for furniture that delivers high quality, longevity and timeless design. The Portuguese handcrafted high-end contemporary products, furniture, textile and lighting allow us to reconnect to nature through striking warm minimalism.

Discover all the product collections for everyday use, formal gatherings or even the best restaurant experience.

The Portuguese collections are recognized worldwide for their bold design, nature motifs and ocean-inspired centerpieces, with exclusive finishes and surprising details. Tradition, innovation, unique design and art come together to turn the mealtime into a feast for the eyes, and a statement about your own aesthetic convictions.

Portugal is the world’s 8th Largest exporter of floor and wall ceramic coverings and the 7th largest exporter of natural ornamental stones. With in-depth global knowledge in over 137 international markets, the Portuguese industry is distinguished by its strategic innovation, high quality, continuous R&D, sustainability and customization.

The Portuguese experience goes far beyond ceramics, tiles and stones. Portugal is also the world’s largest cork producer and exporter with 100% sustainable cork solutions, developing new construction technics and material applications that open a wide range of new possibilities, projects and business.

For all of this and more, discover everything the vibrant Portuguese companies can do for your company.

With more than 70 years of experience, the Portuguese Molds cluster is the 3rd largest plastic injection mold producer in Europe and the 8th worldwide.

The automotive industry is the primary customer of Portuguese mold production, including high-quality injection parts from a broad range of polymers. However, the medical devices industry is increasing the demand for 3D printing and plastic injection solutions.

An 85% export rate, its high quality, a strong specialization, and the track record of the Portuguese companies are some of the factors why one should consider the Portuguese mold industry.

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