MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally  is an umbrella brand created by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency to showcase the range of Portuguese products and services from strategic e innovative industries in the international marketplace.

“The United States is one of Portugal’s main clients, valuing such attributes as sustainability, innovation, quality, and authenticity. Values that differentiate and promote the confidence of this market in Portuguese products, which are, naturally, ‘premium’ and customized, designed to satisfy demanding customers.”

Luís Castro Henriques
AICEP chairman

With almost nine centuries of history, Portugal is an innovative, sophisticated, and forward-looking country in which sustainability is a priority. Portuguese industries are committed to innovation and technology, following new trends and providing a varied, high performing, sophisticated and well-designed range. And always with a deep respect for the environment and the future.


Portugal is the world’s 8th Largest exporter of floor and wall ceramic coverings and the 7th largest exporter of natural ornamental stones. With in-depth global knowledge in over 137 international markets, the Portuguese industry is distinguished by its strategic innovation, high quality, continuous R&D, sustainability and customization.

The Portuguese experience goes far beyond ceramics, tiles and stones. Portugal is also the world’s largest cork producer and exporter with 100% sustainable cork solutions, developing new construction technics and material applications that open a wide range of new possibilities, projects and business.

For all of this and more, discover everything the vibrant Portuguese companies can do for your company.

With more than 70 years of experience, the Portuguese Molds cluster is the 3rd largest plastic injection mold producer in Europe and the 8th worldwide.

The automotive industry is the primary customer of Portuguese mold production, including high-quality injection parts from a broad range of polymers. However, the medical devices industry is increasing the demand for 3D printing and plastic injection solutions.

An 85% export rate, its high quality, a strong specialization, and the track record of the Portuguese companies are some of the factors why one should consider the Portuguese mold industry.

The Portuguese textile production is a well-established industry based on centuries of tradition and experience that evolved technologically along the times and secured its own place in the international arena.

Today, Portugal is indisputably one of the top suppliers of home textiles and a worldwide reference.

For us, food & beverage is so much more. It is a unique way of life, culture, and tradition. An offer like no other that combines the flavors of the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Asia and Africa.

Portugal is recognized worldwide for its wines, food products and fine cuisine. Now it is your turn.

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